Cellar to Attic   Cellar to Attic

Welcome to Cellar To Attic!

Specializing in insulating existing homes.
Serving south central Wisconsin.

We are an owner operated business emphasizing:

  • quality work
  • attention to detail
  • customer service
  • cleanliness
  • Our services include:

  • blown-in cellulose insulation
  • dense-pack cellulose insulation
  • air sealing
  • spray foam
  • crawlspace insulation
  • exterior wall insulation
  • We can fix issues such as:

  • high energy bills
  • uncomfortable or drafty rooms
  • ice damming
  • mold

    Proud partner with
    Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®

    Rich Buchli

    Rich Buchli, Owner of Cellar To Attic, LLC

    Ice Dam Ice Damming

    Ice damming can be fixed or significantly reduced
    with proper insulation and weatherization.


    Call now for an estimate!

    Cellar to Attic • (920) 723-3264

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